The Teacher Feast

Teacher Feast is taught by some of the finest teachers around. Scroll down to learn about the Trainers for the week of June 12th.

Ann Besler

I have been a teacher at BHS for 21 years in French and Business. I have been a participant at the Feast since the very first year, this is my 3rd year training. My moto for technology is "let's try it and see what happens"! One of my stellar FEAST moments was getting to assist Chris Bohne with his magic act.

Chris Bohne

Chris has been a teacher with D87 schools for more than 30 years and is currently the library media specialist at Oakland elementary. He has a passion for helping students learn about the many technologies that unlock their creativity, organize their thinking, and explore their world. He works to blur the line that distinguishes technology and magic.

Christine Chiodo

Christine Chiodo will be going on her 11th year in education with the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. She has been able to explore a variety of positions starting as a special education aide, 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher, Volleyball Coach, Technology Specialist and Coach, and now as a STEAM Lab Instructor. All of these positions have given her a variety of experiences working with and challenging students on many levels. Providing an environment where students can work together, design, critically think, problem solve, and see real world connections is what excites Chiodo about STEAM education. She loves that she will be able to help prepare students with the skills needed for the demands of the 21st century world.

Zach Freeman

My name is Zach Freeman. I teach 5th Grade at Washington Elementary in D87. I love using technology in the classroom and have been 1-to-1 for 5 years now. I love to help...don't be afraid to ask!

Elana Heinonen

I'm a first grade teacher at Oakland Elementary School and have just finished my tenth year teaching. Before moving to Bloomington, I taught second grade in Columbia, South Carolina and Baltimore, Maryland. I love using social media to share the story of my classroom and am passionate about teaching our youngest learners how to use and create with technology!

Mike Jones

Mike Jones is a middle school science teacher for Metcalf, Illinois State University’s Lab School. He formerly taught STEM and science at Bloomington Public School District 87 in Illinois. Michael received his B.S in Middle School Education at Illinois State University. He later completed his M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction and is currently working on another in Educational Administration and Foundations. He is the co-creator of several tech guides and his two children, Kat & Parker. Michael enjoys reading, board games, and lock-picking.

Casey Kelly

Casey Kelly is a 35-year-old high school English teacher with a receding hairline, a father of two and a husband of one, a card-carrying member of the KISS Army, and an unapologetic owner of a Honda Odyssey.

Craig Lee

I have been teaching science for 5 years--all in District 87. Before that I was a coach for 11 years, and there is a saying that goes "the best coaches, are the best thieves" which means that the "best" take others' ideas and make them their own, incorporate them into their own practices. They are not inventors but re-inventors. I try to do that in my own classroom and using technology is an exciting way to re-invent what we can do for the students and what they can do for themselves. I love to try new things, and I'm not afraid to fail along the way -- experimentation is at the core of science, sports, and learning.

Noel Reidy

Noel Reidy is the ESL/Prekindergarten teacher at The Sarah E. Raymond School of Early Education. She has a great deal of experience in the classroom ranging from preschool to university. She worked as an ESL teacher in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Guam, and South Korea before returning to work in the US. While completing her teaching certificate, she worked as a substitute teacher in all the District 87 schools. She has an undergraduate degree from Illinois State University, a teaching certificate from Kendall College, an ESL endorsement from University of St. Francis, and is completing her course work for a Master of Science this summer.
After attending her first Feast in 2015, she was inspired to develop her knowledge of technology. She has attended all 2015-2016 district led edCamps, the 2016 and 2017 ICE conferences, and the 2016 Feast. While she continues to expand her knowledge of all technology, her focus remains on providing the best technology resources for the prekindergarten environment.

Kristi Sutter

Kristi Sutter is the Library Media teacher at Sheridan Elementary School in Bloomington District 87. Prior to the Library Media Center, she was in the classroom for 15 years. Kristi taught 1st, 3rd and 4th grades, with most of her years in 4th grade at Sheridan. She has her Undergraduate Degree in Elementary Education from Northern Illinois University, her Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis University and Library Science Degree from Illinois State University. As a classroom teacher, she loved working with my librarian to find the perfect book or digital tool to build background for my students. So, when the former librarian decided to retire, she was very excited to combine her love for literature and technology in the 'perfect' job- Elementary School Library Media Specialist!

Kristi attended her first Teacher Feast in 2003 and has been hooked on technology ever since! She has progressed from attending The Feast to presenting at it and other technology conferences throughout the state. It is always exciting to find a new way to integrate an edtech tool that makes learning more engaging. There are so many possibilities!

Brandon Thornton

It is my personal mission to assist, challenge, and enable each student to develop into a productive global citizen. Through a welcoming classroom environment, I aim to respond to varying learning styles and learning abilities while instilling within the student the notion that learning can be fun, meaningful, and has a purpose! I was born and raised in Rock Island, Illinois. I graduated from Rock Island High School in 2007. I then attended Illinois State University where I received a B.S. in Secondary Mathematics Education in 2011 and a M.S. in Special Education in 2016. I am currently teaching Algebra at Bloomington High School where I am humbled to be every single day.

Mandy White

I am a 3rd grade teacher at Stevenson Elementary. My time in D87 has spanned 16 years and I've enjoyed attending and training at the Feast for many of these years. I have a passion for all things STEM and have really enjoyed my NGSS training that I've done the past three years. My approach in my classroom is project-based and I love to try all kinds of new things with my students.